Health and Wellbeing

Hypnotherapy has been an effective ancillary for the following medical procedures: pre & post surgical procedures to reduce bleeding and promote a more rapid recovery; to lessen the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments; provide effective pain management technques to reduce chronic pain levels that allow you to feel better and improve the quality of your life. 


Hypnotherapy (Hypnobirthing) has greatly assisted women who want to experience a pain free and stress free natural childbirth without the use of unnecessary drugs.


Chronic Pain Management
Mirgaine Headaches
Medical Issues

The American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, and the American Dental Association have all formally recognized the value and benefits of hypnotherapy and its applications. 

Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective treating the following conditions:




Panic Attacks

Health & Wellbeing

Cancer Patients

Senior challenges


Guided Imagery

Migraine Headaches

Relationship Enhancement

Career Enhancement

Stop Smoking

Past Life Regression

Chronic Pain Manangement

Weight Management

Medical Issues


Fears & Phobias

Public Speaking Fears

Test Anxiety

Interview Anxiety



*Disclaimer: Please be aware that the results of any treatment will vary from person to person and no specific guarantees are being made. Richard Pope always endeavors to give his best work to each client with a commitment to the best possible outcome. Please call to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


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