The Mental Bank is one of the most powerful tools available for personal change. It can be used to eliminate procrastination, increase motivation, attain goals, achieve prosperity, manage weight-loss, help you stop smoking, and much more. The Mental Bank is a synergistic approach that uses nightly journaling, just before bedtime, to override old, unwanted, subconscious programming that holds you back from what you really want to achieve. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what is vividly imagined. When we visualize or script something, the information goes into the subconscious mind as if it were real. The nightly use of your Mental Bank Journaling System will override the old, unwanted programs, so the new desired ones can take over.

The Mental Bank is not a positive thinking program. Positive thinking deals with only the conscious mind while the Mental Bank System reaches the subconscious mind. We do not have to believe that the Mental Bank will work in order for it to work. In fact, it will work as long as we do it. The Mental Bank focuses on our goals and puts us in control of our lives.

An interesting experiment has validated this theory. An experimenter randomly divided a large group of men into three smaller groups. One group practiced shooting free throws into a basketball hoop for several weeks. The second group visualized shooting free throws, but did not practice. The third group didn’t practice or visualize. Not surprisingly, the last group made no improvement. In fact, they got worse. The group who practiced actual free throws for several weeks improved the greatest ... but only slightly better than the group who only visualized shooting free throws. What we script or visualize becomes a known to the subconscious mind.

One of the major uses of the Mental Bank System is to take us out of our financial comfort zone. For example, if our comfort zone is $30,000.00 per year, any time we go much above that, we get uncomfortable and begin to procrastinate or sabotage our success in an attempt to get back to our comfort zone. Anytime we get much below that amount, we get motivated to get back up to our comfort zone. The Mental Bank is a way to consistently expand our financial comfort zone upward.

The Mental Bank Journaling System will affect your life in many positive ways when used on a nightly basis.


The Mental Bank System Uses:

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